The OBSAP (Alliances Partnerships and Coopetition Observatory) was created in 2013 by the University of Montpellier, in partnership with the ASAP (Association of Strategic Alliance Professionals) and the ADALEC (French association of partner managers). The OBSAP has for mission to know the value created by alliances and partnerships in France, thus the management function dedicated to intercompany collaborations. Since 2014, the OBSAP conducts surveys, by questionnaires and interviews with alliances and partnerships professionals. These surveys’ objective is to create and analyse on a regular basis the collaborations trends and the evolution of alliance management.


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The MOOC MAPS is the first online training open to all dealing with alliance/partnership management and coopetition. The six-weeks training program includes educational videos put forward by alliances and partnerships professional interviews. This course started in September 2018 and has interested 4000 subscribers. Following its success, another session will be open in September 2019, with more business cases, best practices and professional testimonials. Registrations for this second edition will begin in June, on the FUN platform.

Book on alliances and partnerships managers

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The proliferation of alliances and partnerships, their diversity and complexity are thus reflected in the emergence of a new profession, that of alliance manager and partner manager. However, although this profession is booming, it is still little studied and, therefore, little known. It is therefore necessary to highlight two major facts: the first is that alliances and partnerships are creators of value for the company, the second is that the role of the manager of alliances and partnerships is essential to this creation of value. This is the main mission of this book and its authors, specialists in strategic management and collaborative strategies. This book is thus the first book dedicated to alliance managers, to their business and, above all, to their best practices. It is dedicated both to the men and women who exercise the profession of alliance manager and to the techniques that ensure the success of these collaborations.