Marketing coopetition

Heads: P. Chiambaretto

MarketingMarketing represents one of the most dynamic business areas, which attempts to facilitate transactions and increase the value of products and services offered to target consumers. On the other hand, the marketing approach can be considered as a business philosophy that impacts the design and implementation of strategic objectives and unifies the various functions of the enterprise, under a common logic of value. The various models of the marketing mix outline the complexity of marketing operations and the need of a holistic approach.

The research group ‘Marketing and coopetition strategies’ aims to develop high quality research and publications, in order to enrich the theory and practice of strategic and operational marketing in three key areas:

  1. Coopetition strategies and operations developed between organisations in any area of marketing activity: e.g. product development and manufacturing, pricing, distribution and logistics, marketing and corporate communication;
  2. Coopetitive relations and partnerships between organisations from various industrial sectors, that aim to fulfill the two main objectives of marketing: (1) to know and satisfy the needs and wants of targeted consumers, in order to (2) ensure the long-term profitability of the enterprise;
  3. Innovative approaches to marketing strategies and operations (e.g. open innovation, customer and market intelligence, customer involvement, new product innovation and development, the service-dominant logic, design and marketing, serious games and the virtual economy, social marketing, sustainable development and the functional economy, etc.).

The activities of our groups are locally based, but internationally oriented as we aim to connect with other researchers and research centres/groups in order to enrich our knowledge and develop the quality of our contributions.