R&D coopetition

Heads: A.-S. Fernandez

axe strat. coopetition R&D

The research program « R&D coopetition strategies » aims to develop quality research and to reach high-level publications about R&D coopetition strategies. The objective is to contribute to the coopetition literature and to help companies to succeed in these strategies.

This research program is structured around two main questionings:

  1. Strategizing R&D coopetition. The challenge is to understand why companies develop R&D programs with one or more competitors and how they choose these coopetitors. These issues are discussed according to the nature of innovation (disruptive, radical, disruptive, etc.) and to the types of coopetition (vertical, horizontal or mixed).
  2. Managing R&D coopetition strategies. Collaborating with one or more competitors for innovation purposes can generate extraordinary profits but also exposes firms to high levels of uncertainty that generate high levels of risks of opportunism. These risks create tensions that can question the innovation success and damage the coopetitors’ competitiveness. The management of these tensions is thus considered as a key factor of the success of R&D coopetition. The question becomes how to manage efficiently coopetitive innovation projects. What principles, tools and mechanisms should be used by coopetitors in order to achieve innovation? What type of team project and what form of governance should be implemented? Are they the same for all coopetitive innovation projects, regardless of the number of coopetitors or the type of innovation?

The program research “R&D coopetition strategies” mostly study innovation projects that involves two or more competing firms, in technology industries but also in more traditional ones. Research projects are either conducted locally, by the French team, or developed jointly with one of our partners: the research team of Professor Maria Bengtsson from Umeå University in Sweden and/or with the research team of Professor Olga Bruyaka from West Virginia University in the USA.